Saturday, 13 August 2016

Latest Review

Of all the culinary courses you have arranged for me, this was quite simply
the best so far. From the small class size to the very, very hands on
preparation to the sheer amount of recipes we learned to blend together from
scratch including lessons on presentation and proper table setting to the
simply sublime flavors of each and every dish--appetizers to desserts and
everything in between. There really was no dish I did not enjoy! Throw some
amazingly refreshing cocktails in that mix, too! As that is how Poul started
every dinner. I have already replicated some of these new dishes back in
Hawaii to the gratification of many sated stomachs!!

Both Poul and Niall were friendly and accommodating at all times. Meal
conversations were varied and interesting and very international. Definitely
as much fun as the classes themselves.

I will definitely pass the word on to friends and will hope I get to come
back again one day in the future.

Lia H August 2014

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