Thursday, 25 September 2014

Walking the Royal Way

One of the reasons to get out and walk is that you see a lot more on two legs. This is all the more evident when walking the old road from Tourrette-Sur-Loop to Vence in Provence. It is all the more necessary in the middle of cooking school when rich sauces and delicious desserts are being consumed on a daily basis!  I took the old road for the simple reason that there would be less traffic on it but had no idea when I set off that it would be so lovely. Neither did I know that this old route was actually fairly famous as the gentry took it from Vence to Tourrette -Sur-Loop paying their respects to Saint Mary Magdalene on route where a little shrine remains in her honour. It was just like a step back in history where cocks of hay still sit on fields and honeysuckle and roses peepout at you from the hedges! No blackberries at all but lots of fig trees bursting with ripe figs just ready for my picnic as well as green olive groves, roses and passion flowers. I even came across a pepper tree which was a first for me! When you remember that this is a walk in late September and I am more minded of summer days in Crete I see why this part of France is so very popular with visitors from more northern climes!