Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The vegetable garden gets ploughed

It took Marcel only 30 minutes to completely transform our overgrown vegetable garden. What a difference a tractor in the hands of a skilled farmer can make! Marcel had to deal with numerous obstacles including uneven slopes, overhanging tree branches and recalcitrant tree roots! Thank you Marcel again for being so very supportive to the cooking school. We hope to plant potatoes and French beans again as they were such a great success last time. Also salads galore so that we can supply our diners with home grown produce throughout the summer.

Poul, our chef, demands vast quantities of fresh herbs every day. This alone can keep a gardener fully occupied. One of the surprising things I learned recently is that the moon has an incredible impact on garden produce. Timing is everything. One must wait till after the full moon before planting potatoes otherwise they will grow sideways!! Now that is something you won't get from the textbooks - it is knowledge direct from the memory and consciousness of farming folk with thousands of years experience behind them and their feet firmly on the ground when not doing acrobatics with a tractor.