Friday, 10 July 2009

Nibblerdibbler Sandwich

Every morning people are rushing around in the city without breakfast ! They are usually late for work and endeavouring to get a coffee fix to keep them going. Now here is a lovely easy recipe to get you properly set up for the morning rushhour and it only takes one minute to prepare! That means you can do this while waiting for the kettle to boil!!


Rye bread
Mascarpone cheese
1 Kiwi

On a slice of rye bread, spread the mascarpone cheese. Peel the kiwi and slice up. Place the slices of kiwi on top of the cheese and serve immediately! Serve as an open sandwich in two halves. If you get bored with kiwi, you can use apple, mango, carrot or melon instead. Experiment and try other fruits and vegetables. The kiwi is good as it is packed with antioxidents and tastes wonderful with the rye bread and mascarpone.

Don't dribble when you nibble a nibblerdibbler sandwich!