Sunday, 18 July 2010


Code of Honour

Article 1

“Euro-Toques International is a European association of chefs which represents its members throughout Europe.

Article 2

The objective of Euro-Toques is to respect the diverse traditions in the countries and regions of an enlarged Europe.

Article 3

Euro-Toques chefs maintain good relations between themselves and convey a unified image of the association to consumers.

Article 4

Euro-Toques chefs guarantee a set of common principles which are shared by all members throughout Europe.

Article 5

Euro-Toque chefs share their best practice at the heart of the organisation.

Article 6

Euro-Toques defends healthy food based on quality products.

Article 7

Euro-Toques chefs defend natural food and traditional recipes, proof that diversity in European culinary heritage and the sustainability of regional products is being maintained.

Article 8

The products used in kitchens are fresh and are prepared on site.

Article 9

The products used are seasonal to respect natural cycles and ensure authentic tastes.

Article 10

Euro-Toques chefs advocate a diversity of flavours and a variety of ingredients. They present consumers with healthy food and contribute to a nutritional balance.

Article 11

Euro-Toques’ missions include defending, informing and educating consumers.

Article 12

It is essential that the menu is a true reflection of the dishes it describes to preserve consumer confidence.

Article 13

The chef must remain totally independent of suppliers.

Article 14

The profession must remain transparent to ensure the food is safe and of known origin.

Article 15

Chefs and tradition are able to adapt to modernity. They convey a sense of pleasure and social interaction: a way of life.”

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Potatoes direct from the garden

It was Bastille Day here yesterday and so we celebrated by digging up our first new potatoes from our garden! We had our lovely friends, Katarina and Alexander, here from Slovenia so that was nice. Poul served up the potatoes with a typical Briton plate of pork loin cutlets with creamed peas! Starters of grilled goat cheese with nasturtium leaves and red peppers followed by home made poppy ice cream all made for a wonderful celebration!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Time to pickle walnuts

Now is the time to collect those soft green walnuts before they develop their hard exterior shells. Collect as many as you need and simply wash and stab them in the back! Make sure you use rubber gloves and an apron as the juices turn everything black permanently! Many a good t shirt I have ruined in this process! I found the best thing to use is a fork and stab or puncture the walnuts about 4 times (16 holes each!). Then place the walnuts in cold water in a large pot or container for three days changing the water once every day. After the third day, place the walnuts in your unique marinade and leave in a cool place until required. I usually prepare for six months in advance so these walnuts will be used from Christmas with the cheese board!

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Cherry Orchard

We recently became a jam factory! It's all Robert's fault. Robert, our neighbour, kindly suggested we headed down to his garden in beautiful Josselin and collect some very tasty cherries! We needed no encouragement and within a few hours an army of enthusiastic fruit gatherers were on their way to harvest the crop! We were a diverse group made up of babies and adults from Paris, Singapore, Denmark, Bulgaria and Ireland! We arrived at a beautiful laid out cherry orchard, surrounded with fruit hedges of redcurrents, blackcurrents, rasberries and roses. It was a delightful setting reminding me of a scene from a Chekhov play I had seen at the National Theatre in London!

The cherries, a beautiful hue of reds and yellows tasted so sweet with their delicious tarty sharpness that they were initially consumed immediately. Every tree was targeted in the search for easy access and a ladder was soon found to enable the sweetest cherries at the top of the trees to be reached. Within an hour we had a real cherry bounty and it was time to move on to the hedges. With all hands harvesting we soon had an inordinate hoard and it was time to relax in the garden and do what we do best - open a cold bottle of rosé and relax in the afternoon sunshine.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Great Summer Offer from Kerrouet House

Kerrouet House are offering their fans who book up for a cooking course 10-14 August 2010 a fab deal. Full week's cooking course with lunch and dinner each day, all accommodation and wines for the sum of only Euros 600!!! This is incredible value and places are limited. To book Tel Poul on 0033296344381and quote "facebook offer"