Thursday, 15 January 2009

Kerrouet Tonic

Well after all that feasting and alcohol abuse we need to detox a little and so it's appropriate that I share a little secret with you. Way back in May of last year when the early rays of the spring sunshine were upon us, Poul and I went foraging deep into the Kerrouet countryside. We were on the search for rich scented elderflower petals. It's very important to collect the petals well before midday when their flavours are most wholesome. The undulating countryside around Kerrouet (Cotes d'Armor) is particularly suited to this search as the north facing hills tend to preserve, prolong and enrich the elderflower trees. Take a good size basket to collect the elderflower petals as you don't want to damage them in transit. When you get home, gently remove the petals from their stems and wash in cold water. Follow the following recipe:

Take 30 elderflower petals, 2 organic lemons, 1 lt water, 1 kilo of cane sugar, and 2 ts of citric acid. Boil the water in a large saucepan. Add the sugar, citric acid and sliced lemons to the boiling water and then add the elderflower petals. Allow to cool and store in a refridgerator for 4 days. On the fourth day, strain the juice from the pulp and pour the syrup into sterilised bottles. Keep in a cool place.

You are now in a marvellous position as you have the magic ingredient for making a whole host of super summer drinks and cocktails. We have found that simply adding tonic and ice to the elderflower syrup gives you a very refreshing non alcohol cocktail. We call this Kerrouet Tonic and it was invented here at Kerrouet House!

Other drinks we have developed using our home made traditional elderflower cordials are as follows:

Kerrouet G&T

1 part elderflower syrup
1 part gin
5 parts tonic
3 ice cubes
1 slice of lime or lemon

Kerrouet Kir

1 part Kerrouet elderflower syrup
5 parts white wine

We recommend that for the next few months you drink more of the Kerrouet Tonic so that your body can detox a little!! Enjoy.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Kerrouet Royal - a new cocktail from Kerrouet House

Well it's not every day that a new cocktail hits the headlines but when that cocktail is developed and named by yours truely, one is justifiably proud! Kerrouet Royale has now been approved and registered by the UK's premier cocktail website ( and a link to the site for comments on the new fusion of armagnac, cointreau and champagne is given below. We hope you get to try it soon and please don't hesitate to pop along to Kerrouet House to sample a few glasses while stocks last!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner 2008

Well it was a wonderful night and thank you Poul (our chef) who worked so hard to make it such a great success. Thank you also Dean, Sharon, Paul and Jeanette for your delightful company through the years' end and for making the evening such a memorable occasion.

We kicked off the proceedings with the launch of our new cocktail, Kerrouet Royale. Mix one short measure (1 cl) of armagnac with one short measure (1 cl) of cointreau using a shaker. Prepare champagne glasses. Pour mixture from shaker into glasses one part to five parts champagne. Serve immediately.

Most people are familiar with Kir Royale (a fusion of crème de cassis with champagne) but Kerrouet Royal has a much more powerful flavour and pulls a punch which lives up to the name of the village it is named after! Ker is the Briton word for house or village. Rouet is a derivative of the French word for King (Roi). The village of Kerrouet has historical royal links and if you look up at our roof you will spot a royal chimney!

The ten course dinner which followed was certainly fit for a king and I have outlined the menu below for you to salivate over! The sticky toffee pudding created by Jeanette was extraordinarily yummy too so thank you Jeanette and yes please send on the recipe!!

Happy New Year .

Kerrouet House
New Year's Eve 2008
Dinner Menu

Amuse Bouche
Carpaccio of St Brieuc Scallops
Foie Gras Terrine on Toast
Lobster Bisque
Granitee of Mulled Wine
Filet of Beef with a Truffle Sauce, Wild Mushrooms and Royal Blue Potatoes
Dessert Surprise
Welsh Sticky Toffee Pudding
Coffee and Petite Fours