Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year's Eve Dinner Menu

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with great food and wine amongst family and friends. We celebrated on the night of the 24th with a classic Danish menu starting with gravlax, a home cured salmon from the medieval tradition of burying the salmon in dillweed under the sand for 7 tides to cross!;the main course included roast duck with caramel potatoes and red cabbage. The dessert was a "duvet cooked" rice in vanilla & cream! Christmas Day dinner was simply guail & grapes in a morel & mushroom port sauce simply delicious.

We are now busy preparing dinner for tomorrow night and the menu is as follows:


Plater of Cancale Oysters and Prawns
Warm smoked salmon with carrot & horseradish salad
Scallops in puff pastry with a curry Sauternes sauce

Granitee of mulled wine

Main Course

Mushroom stuffed chicken with salsify
Selection of cheeses

Panna cotta on an bed of orange salad

I have planned to include a few surprises in between these dishes and one will be a brussel sprout dish as I have just collected my first crop from the garden and intend to use them! I found a nice recipe from an old cook book which once belonged to the Danish Prime Minister's chef back in 1932. It is for a "rose cabbage soup" and is nicely typed up on government headed paper so that will be interesting and bound to go down a storm when it is served to party revelers at around 0200 hours on New year's day! Have a great party everyone.

Friday, 24 December 2010

An old Christmas Punch from Denmark

Julianes Gløgg
Here is an ancient recipe I was given by an old Lady from Ebeltoft, Denmark when I had my restaurant. It is from 1934 and is a Christmas favourite of ours:

Gløgg means " will warm you up" and believe me this will.

I always make a double portion as it will keep, but you will be surprise to see how quickly it goes!
and here it is.

Julianes Gløgg = "Heat me up at Christmas"

4 Bottles of full bodied red-wine
2 Bottles of Port
1 Bottle of Cognac
1 Bottle of Vodka

4 Cinnamon sticks
40 whole cloves
400 gram of sugar
1/2 a liter of water

200 gram of raisins marinated in port
100 gram of almonds flakes

Slowly boil water , sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks for 10 minutes.
Add it to all the wine and alcohol and let it rest for a day.

Only heat up what you will need and DON'T let it boil

Serve it in a pre-heated glass with some raisins and almonds, put a spoon in the glass as you add the Gløgg and serve it right away.

One glass is lovely, -two is dangerous and don't drive after one glass

A very Merry Christmas to you all from Niall & Poul.