Friday, 7 December 2012

Gravad Lax - Salmon

The word gravad lax derives from the Scandinavian word grav, which literally means "grave" in Danish, and lax (or laks), which means "salmon", thus gravadlax means "buried salmon". It is a traditional starter for the New Year's Eve Dinner (on 24 December) in Denmark. Make it 2 days before you plan to use it. Serves 10
1 half side Salmon ( 1 1/2 kg)
2 table spoon of salt
3 table spoon of sugar
2 teaspoon of black pepper
2 large bouquet of Dill
100 mm of Lager
50 mm of Pernod (optional)
1 Bouquet of fresh rinsed chopped Dill
2 Table spoon of muscovado sugar
1-2 Tablespoon of Dijon mustard.
mix it
If not already done, remove all the little bones on the Salmon.
Sprinkle it with salt, sugar & pepper.
Clean the dill thoroughly in water and then dry it, chop up the dill and sprinkle it
on top of the salmon so it is totally covered by Dill and Sprinkle the Lager and
Pernod and then cover it with cling-film and put some rice or dry beans on top
to keep the Dill close to the salmon. Let it marinate for 2 days.
When serving, scrape to dill off and then cut it into thin slices - as smoke salmon,
and serve it with the dressing with toasted brown bread.

New Year Festive Menu 2012

Festivity celebrations are always exciting at Kerrouet House but our chef has planned something really special for this New Year:

Saturday  29th December 2012
Starter: Cauliflower and Blue Cheese soup
Main: Roast Veal with oven roasted vegetable and Tarragon Sauce
Cheese: Selection of French cheeses
Dessert: Rice pudding with almond and Cherry Sauce
Sunday 30 December 2012
Starter: Mussel soup
Main: Parmesan Soufflé
Cheese: Selection of French cheeses
Starter: Soup of Roasted Peppers
Main: Monkfish with Garlic- Parsley butter and and Mash Potato
Cheese: Selection of French cheeses
Dessert: Apple gratin with Cinnamon Ice Cream
Monday the 31 December 2012
Club sandwich
Warm Oyster with horse radish and apple
Grilled Scallops on a bed of Spinach with a Curry-Sauternes sauce
Lobster Consommé
Red wine granité
Beef Wellington with a Port & Mushroom Sauce
Selection of Cheese
Chocolate Fondant with Orange Salad
and Salted Caramel Ice Cream