Thursday, 13 July 2017

Live long and stay strong with Chi Gong!

It's amazing that I never heard of Chi Gong until about a month ago! A Canadian student casually introduced me to the ancient Chinese exercise only because he was intending to "perform" in our garden before breakfast and cooking class.

Chi Gong which in Chinese means "Life Energy Cultivation"is a holistic system of coordinated body mind and breathing movements which help keep the brain active, the body supple and the mussels firm. Our instructor, Anthony tells me that a Chinese lady had introduced him to the exercise twelve years ago to assist him dealing with  stress and that the Chinese themselves have been practising Chi Ging for over 3000 years!

What attracted me to the exercise was that it is a very simple range of movements taking 11 minutes in total each morning and can be done in the bedroom, or the garden or even the kitchen! Anthony certainly expounded the virtues of Chi Gong with his fit youthful body who was certainly the youngest 81 year old gentleman I have ever met! You can see the movements in action and decide for yourself in the video below!

Chi Gong at French Dining School

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