Monday, 11 January 2010

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga´s cathedral was built between 1530 and 1780 on or near the site of a former mosque. While original plans had allowed for two towers, lack of funds resulted in the completion of only one, giving rise to the name by which the cathedral is affectionately referred to, La Manquita, loosely interpreted as "one armed woman"

We tried to visit this lady on Christmas Day having celebrated our feast the evening before as is the continental way! We left the car behind and took the very efficient train service from Fuengirola to Malaga. It was without exaggeration the wettest day I ever witnessed and we got soaked to the skin! What was worse was that the centre of Malaga was deserted and the Cathedral was all locked up! We could not even purchase an umbrella! We tried to take shelter in the lovely little street of the old town but the roofs, without gutters, poured torrential torrents of water down upon us! There was no escape until we found a single solitary taxi driver who took us directly back to the railway station and we headed home to Fuengirola as fast as we could! A Christmas Day I won't forget in a long time. A Danish punch was required to recover from the ordeal and we decided to take the car out on all future exploratory visits! This picture was taken a few days later inside the Cathedral which unless your attending a Mass, you must pay to gain entry. It is worth every euro to see inside this amazing Cathedral/Mosque.

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