Thursday, 26 October 2017

A visit to the Island of Flowers

The Ile de BrĂ©hat just ten minutes from the beautiful coast of Brittany near Paimpol is about an hour's drive from our cooking school. If you time the ferries right you can be walking along medieval traffic free lanes amongst beautiful flowers and delightful  beaches within a few minutes walk of arrival! 

This is an extraordinary island of flowers with breathtaking coastal scenery. The pink rock formations alone are absolutely amazing but the whole character, fauna and flora are exceptional. It is fortunate that most people have never heard of the place and given the beauty of mainland and coastal Brittany, there are plenty of other places for the tourist to visit. Cars are not allowed on the island and so it is only those with a love for flowers and birds and rare landscape beauty who will give up their car and walk to and from the little harbour to another world. Here are some photographs I took earlier today:

About to depart to another world.

Chef Poul 

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